Kingxbar PQY Crystal MagSafe Apple iPhone 13 clear

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Kingxbar PQY Crystal Series - magnetic case, case, transparent case - compatible with MagSafe The crystal-clear Kingxbar PQY Crystal Series case presents the original look of your iPhone. It is a neutral case with great resistance. It has a stiff back and a gel frame for easier mounting on the phone. The most important advantages of the Kingxbar PQY Crystal Series case: Clear and high-quality housing It is durable, solid and does not turn yellow Classic form with crystal clarity Available for many iPhone models You can use with MagSafe accessories A timeless classic The Kingxbar PQY Crystal Series transparent case is a true classic of the genre. It transmits light perfectly, thanks to which your iPhone will be presented in all its glory. The case does not yellow and does not deform. Effective protection Kingxbar PQY Crystal Series is characterized by high durability. It protects the most sensitive points of your phone by carefully covering the edges. At the same time, the case gives full access to the speakers, buttons and the camera. Compatible with MagSafe By mounting the PQY Crystal Series case on your phone, you don't have to worry about compatibility with MagSafe accessories. So you can easily connect AirPods headphones or a wireless charger to your iPhone.